An Introduction to Structural Methods
Written by H. Robert Burger, Ph.D., Smith College, and Tekla A. Harms, Ph.D., Amherst College. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

New Version 1.2. This technical upgrade also runs on Mac OS® X Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8). An Introduction to Structural Methods DVD-ROM, narrated by the authors, is richly illustrated with 3-D diagrams, geologic maps, animations, and photographs all in full color offering a new approach to teaching structural geology.

A useful tool for your classroom, this DVD-ROM improves students' spatial reasoning skills while applying structural concepts and techniques. It also provides interactive quizzes that test students' comprehension of key concepts and terminology while encouraging their mastery of techniques working with the types of problems they will likely confront as practicing geologists. College level. To order a version upgrade, click the Buy online button or call 1-800-293-2725. Call for information on student adoption discounts.

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Explore the Planets
Table of Contents
  • Elements of Lines and Planes
  • Map Interpretation: Simple Planar Surfaces
  • Stereographic Projection I
  • Constructing Geologic Sections
  • Map Interpretation: Faults
  • Stereographic Projection II
  • Map Interpretation: Folds
  • Map Interpretation: Unconformities, Intrusions
  • Map Interpretation: Thrust Faults
  • Fold Analysis
  • Stress, Fracture, and Fault Analysis
  • Strain: Basic Principles
A few specific examples of what you will see:
  • Side-by-side animations depicting the erosion of a valley in block diagrams with strata dipping upstream in one and downstream in the other to explain the "Rule of V's."
  • A block diagram of plunging folds that the student can rotate to observe in all directions, including the down-plunge view, and erode to form a map pattern complete with topography. Including a comparison of that end result with an actual full color U.S. Geological Survey map.
  • An animated strain ellipse that shows the changes in length and position of lines with progressive strain, accompanied by photographs illustrating these aspects of strain in real rocks.
  • Step-by-step instructions of how to plot lines and planes on stereonets plus demonstrations on how to use stereonets to solve some common problems, all through animated diagrams.
  • Animated fault displacement of strata in block diagrams followed by erosion of the upthrown block so that patterns of offset, omission, and repetition are demonstrated.
  • A cross-sectional view of the real-time development of a sequence of thrust faults in a thrust belt, emphasizing fault-bend folding and piggyback relationships.
  • Full color photographs and U.S. Geological Survey maps of real structures.

2002 Silver Award
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An Introduction to Structural Methods
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