Wonders of Rocks and Minerals
Written by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens, Illinois Central College, and Edward Greaney, Hunterdon Central Regional High School. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

New Version 1.4. This technical upgrade also runs on Mac OS® X Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8). The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals explores the world of geology in an exciting and highly interactive way. What are minerals and how are they different from rocks? What are the three groups of rocks and the geological processes involved in the formation of each? You will learn to identify and name minerals and rocks, just like a geologist does on a field trip.


Includes stunning photographs, full color animated sequences, a glossary, interactive exercises, and an illustrated database of over 50 minerals. Includes two levels of study: Elementary (grades 3-6) and Intermediate (grades 7-12). Student Worksheets available online! To order a version upgrade, click the Buy online button or call 1-800-293-2725.

Earth's Dynamic Surface
Table of Contents
  • Minerals: How are Minerals and Rocks Different? | Important Mineral Properties | How to Identify Minerals | A Mineral Identification Key | Important Mineral Groups | Reviewing Minerals | Basic Facts About Common Minerals
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Igneous Rocks: How Igneous Rocks Form | Textures of Igneous Rocks | Minerals in Igneous Rocks | Naming Igneous Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks: How Sedimentary Rocks Form | Conglomerate, Sandstone, and Shale | Limestone, Chert, and Other Chemical Sedimentary Rocks | Reviewing Sedimentary Rocks | Interpreting Past Environments
  • Metamorphic Rocks: Metamorphic Rocks are Changed Rocks | What Causes Metamorphism? | How Metamorphic Rocks are Different | Common Metamorphic Rocks
  • The Rock Review Challenge
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The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals
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