Interactive Physical Science

Written by Mark Maley and Ron Pilatowski Worthington, Ohio Public Schools,

Produced by M & R Digital Texts, LLC

The Interactive Physical Science CD-ROM offers a comprehensive investigation of topics typically covered in a year-long physical science course such as the study and interactions of matter, force and friction, motion, energy concepts, and more. By viewing animations, video clips, and colorful graphics, as well as performing lab simulations, students are engaged and involved in studying important concepts to give them an understanding of physical science. Short reading passages followed by graphics designed to engage, lead to a better understanding of physical science. Students get immediate feedback to determine if they understand the material before moving onto new content. Students are invited to actively become involved in learning by interacting with the software. (Grades 8–11)

Created, developed, and produced by Mark Maley and Ron Pilatowski, Worthington, Ohio Public Schools. Combined these teachers have over 60 years of classroom experience. Both teachers have used these materials with success in the classroom for many years and have been encouraged by students and colleagues to make these materials available to a wider audience.

Interactive Physical Science
Table of Contents
  • How to Use This Program
  • An Introduction To Physical Science
  • Making Measurements in Science
  • Nature of Science
  • The Study of Matter
  • Interactions of Matter
  • Force and Friction
  • Motion
  • Energy Concepts
  • Mechanical Waves
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Electricity
  • Chemical Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • The Universe
  • Glossary
  • Index
Interactive Physical Science - Produced by M & R Digital Texts, LLC
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Macintosh® PowerPC™ G3 or Intel® Core™ or faster processor; RAM: 512 MB; Mac OS® X v10.4 or greater; thousands or millions of colors; CD-ROM drive; QuickTime required.
Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor; RAM: 512 MB; Windows XP® or Windows Vista®; thousands or millions of colors; CD-ROM drive; QuickTime required.
Interactive Physical Science