• Do I need a Single-User or Multi-User version? A Lab pack?
  • Single User: You receive one copy of the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM intended for use on one computer only.

    Multi-User (Site License): You receive one copy of the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM intended for use on as many computers as you have in one building only. The contents of the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM may be copied onto each computer hard drive or may be installed on a file server for computers on a network. Note that Mac "Localtalk" networking is too slow to consider usable for serving Tasa CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs; at least ethernet speed (10 MBPS) is recommended.

    Lab Pack of 5: You receive 5 copies of the CD-ROM for use on 5 computers. Lab packs are not available for An Introduction to Structural Methods DVD-ROMs.

  • How do I tell if I have a Single-User or Multi-User license?
  • All programs are shipped with an Official License Agreement inside the packaging. You will see either Multi-User or Single-User at the top of the agreement.

  • How do I purchase an upgrade for one of my programs?
  • To order a version upgrade, click the Buy online button on the program webpage or call 1-800-293-2725. Upgrades require a serial number. Enter your current serial number in the Special instructions box on the checkout webpage.

  • How do I tell what version I have?
  • Look for a version number in one of these locations:
      • the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disc label,
      • the program's Title, Credits, or Main Menu screen,
      • or the Read me.
    If you can't find a version number, you probably have version 1.0.

  • I don't know what I've got, can you help?
  • If you purchased a product from Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc., we may be able to help you determine your license type and version number. Call 1-800-293-2725 or email us at info@onlinegeology.net.

  • Is there a way I can preview a Tasa CD-ROM or DVD-ROM before paying for one?
  • Aside from looking at screenshots, reading about the program, and viewing a demo (available for most programs) on our website, Tasa Graphics has a preview policy for educational institutions only. Our products may be previewed for 30 days. Preview requests must be made on a valid purchase order or with a credit card. An invoice will be issued at the time of shipment. Preview materials must be returned within 30 days or the invoice must be paid. Credit will be issued only for products returned in clean, saleable condition. Before you return any product, call us at (575) 758-5535 or toll free at 1-800-293-2725 to receive a Return Authorization number.

    Arches National Park Geology Tour Book and Enhanced Audio CD multimedia package is not available for preview. Opened Arches National Park Geology Tour Book and Enhanced CD multimedia package is not returnable.

  • Can I see your programs in full-screen?
  • It depends. Our latest versions of these programs can be enlarged to fill your computer screen:

      • Earth's Atmosphere and Its Seasons
      • Explore the Planets
      • Introduction to Topographic Maps
      • Theory of Plate Tectonics

  • Can I see the desktop outside of the program window?
  • Our latest versions of these programs allow the desktop to be seen behind the program window:

      • The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals
      • Introduction to Structural Methods
      • Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works
      • Earth's Dynamic Surface
      • Hands-On Mineral Identification
      • The Study of Minerals
      • The Theory of Plate Tectonics
      • Introduction to Topographic Maps
      • Explore the Planets
      • Earth's Atmosphere and Its Seasons
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